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The Truth Behind These Green Cleaning Myths

If you’re skeptical of green cleaning products, Fawn Organics is here to dispel these common green cleaning myths. Don’t let these pervasive green cleaning myths prevent you from trying a quality green cleaning product!

Myth: Green Cleaning Products Are Not As Effective as Traditional Cleaners

Not even close! Green cleaning products are just as effective, if not more effective, than traditional cleaners. Your cleaning products don’t need a noxious chemical odor in order to be effective. Green cleaning products often use natural active ingredients like lactic acid or citric acid, which are safer antimicrobials that have no strong smell.

Myth: Green Cleaning Products Can’t Kill Bacteria and Germs

When people think about plant-based green cleaning products, they often assume these cleaning products are not “real” cleaners. This is simply not true! Just because a cleaning product does not contain a chemical like bleach, it doesn’t mean the cleaner is “weak.” On the contrary, plant-based, nontoxic cleaning products can clean just as effectively as traditional cleaners.

Green cleaning products absolutely have the ability to sanitize and disinfect. However, not all green cleaning products are alike. Make sure to check the ingredients of the cleaner to make sure it has ingredients that work as disinfectants, such as citric acid or lactic acid. These all-natural ingredients can kill a wide variety of harmful bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals.

Myth: Every Green Cleaning Product is Good for the Environment

Not all green cleaning products are created equal. Since there is a market for eco-friendly cleaners, some brands may pose as “green” only to contain ingredients that harm the environment. True green cleaning products are designed to have low environmental toxicity, low VOCs, and biodegradability. With these qualities, they can minimize harmful impacts to air quality, reduce water pollution, and reduce their chance of harming local ecosystems and wildlife.

The best way to check if a cleaning product is eco-friendly is to examine its ingredient list. For example, any green laundry detergent should not contain any phosphates. This is because phosphates can cause rampant eutrophication, or harmful algae blooms, in local waterways.

Myth: Every Green Cleaning Product is Safe and Non-Toxic

Unfortunately, not every product that has “green” on their label is safe or nontoxic. In an effort to appear eco-friendly and chemical-free, many cleaning products that pose as “green” with marketing when they actually contain chemicals that are harsh on people and the environment. How can you tell if a product is truly green? Once again, checking the product label and ingredients is the best way to determine if the cleaning product is green and nontoxic. In addition, your green cleaning products should not include artificial fragrances, dyes, or phthalates.

Myth: Green Cleaning is Just an Expensive Fad

Even though nontoxic, green cleaning products are becoming more common to buy and use, that doesn’t mean they are going anywhere anytime soon. More and more people are realizing green cleaning isn’t just a “fad” for overly cautious people. As more people learn about the harsh chemicals used in everyday household cleaners and the long-term effects on their health, the switch to green cleaning products is becoming a necessity to stay safe.

Another pervasive myth is that green cleaning products are expensive money grabs. In reality, green cleaning products cost about the same as other cleaners. In today’s commercial cleaning market, green cleaners are readily available and oftentimes even cheaper than traditional cleaners. One of the best things about green cleaning in today’s market is that it is readily available and accessible to all.

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