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5 Reasons Why You Need Loofah Soaps in Your Shower

Want to turn your daily shower into an invigorating spa experience? Of course you do! Loofah soaps do just that. They combine the energizing exfoliation of loofahs with the moisture-locking hydration of our glycerin-based soaps for a deep clean and calming shower experience. Not to mention, the colorful soaps and natural fragrances will enhance anyone’s […]

What’s a Shower Steamer and Why Should I Use It?

People have been using and enjoying essential oils for thousands of years. People in ancient Egypt often used essential oils in their steam rooms to enhance rest, encourage relaxation, and reduce stress. Shower steamers, or shower bombs, are a modern version of this. These compact cakes give you a spa-level aromatherapy session in your everyday […]

7 Benefits of Exfoliating with Himalayan Sea Salt

Book yourself a luxury spa treatment with Fawn Organics’ Himalayan Sea Salt Massage Stone. Carved from the purest Himalayan salt rocks, the massage stone will turn every shower or bath into an intensive spa treatment your sore muscles and skin will love. Himalayan sea salt is prized for its therapeutic properties, rich minerals, and amazing […]

The Key to a Safer Spring Clean

It’s that time of the year again: time for spring cleaning! Though this certainly isn’t the most exciting annual event, it is one of the most necessary. For most people, spring cleaning is a great time to give their homes a deep clean and tackle any grimy spots that need some extra elbow grease. Kitchen […]

5 Harsh Chemicals Hiding in Your Cleaning Products

As consumers, we innately trust the products lining store shelves. We assume products like our household cleaners are safe because we expect brands to do their due-diligence and not sell us a harmful product. After all, cleaning products are meant to protect us from harm, right? Unfortunately, the average household cleaner from the store boasts […]

Going Green with Your Laundry—Why Your Clothes Will Thank You

Here’s the laundry scoop: all-natural, organic detergents are not only better for your health and the environment—but they are also better for your clothes! When you hear the words “natural” or “plant based,” do you automatically think “weak”? Well, think again! While the synthetic chemicals used in conventional laundry detergents unarguably pack a punch, they […]