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Why is it Important to use Baby-Safe Cleaning Products?

For parents, raising your children in a safe environment is priority. As a result, maintaining a clean home that reduces their chances of catching the flu from a contaminated surface is a must. However, as parents frantically spray and scrub the surfaces of their home, they can inadvertently introduce other health risks to their children […]

The Truth Behind These Green Cleaning Myths

If you’re skeptical of green cleaning products, Fawn Organics is here to dispel these common green cleaning myths. Don’t let these pervasive green cleaning myths prevent you from trying a quality green cleaning product! Myth: Green Cleaning Products Are Not As Effective as Traditional Cleaners Not even close! Green cleaning products are just as effective, […]

Getting Your Organic Product Facts Straight

Every business has something to claim when it comes to their products or services, and these claims are often what push consumers to try new products in the first place. But what if you found out the claims that enticed you to buy the product were actually false? This is becoming particularly common in the […]

Can You Recycle Laundry Detergent Bottles?

Yes, plastic laundry detergent bottles are 100% recyclable. The hard plastic used for liquid laundry detergent containers falls into the category of plastic #2 (HDPE), which is actually a material that is in-demand and recyclable in many conventional recycling facilities. Plastic #2 is actually one of the safest types of plastic to be reused. Its […]

Why Do My Clothes Still Smell After I Wash Them?

Do you ever notice a lingering odor no matter how many times you wash your sweaty workout clothes or your kid’s soccer uniform? This stinks! Not only are you frustrated with the extra loads of laundry, but you are left with clothes that are not truly clean. So what gives? Conventional laundry detergents may claim […]

Why Use a Natural Window Cleaner?

Nothing is worse than wiping down your windows and mirrors and finding a streaky mess left behind. We are all in pursuit of a good window cleaner that leaves our glass surfaces radiant and streak-free. Window cleaners are a staple in every household to get rid of dust, dirt, and pesky fingerprints. Unfortunately, when we […]

How is Water Affecting Your Organic Products?

Is your certified organic product truly organic? Some experts are now saying no because the water used in organic products is frequently contaminated by inorganic chemicals, such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, and heavy metals, such as mercury and lead. People buy organic products to avoid these chemical contaminants and reduce their exposure in […]

The Fawn Organics Guide to Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

You know what’s not relaxing? Noticing the days-old sweat and grime on your yoga mat before your class starts. It happens to the best of us. We simply roll up our mat after a sweaty session without thinking about all the sweat, oil, and grime our yoga mats absorb. Consequently, yoga mats that aren’t regularly […]