Fawn Organics was created in support of the growing global effort to combat negative environmental changes. Our eco-conscious marketplace offers products friendly to our planet and its inhabitants without sacrificing quality, convenience, or effectiveness. You will find that Fawn Organics offers a premium experience without the premium price. All Fawn’s products are chosen in consideration of the environment, personal health, and social welfare. With Fawn Organics, you can purchase with the confidence that your actions will have a meaningful impact.


From an early age I was fascinated by the awe-inspiring elements of nature, and its interrelated features. I inherently understood that without clean air, water, soil, and thriving habitats, our beautiful life-sustaining planet, and all life that called it ‘home’ was being adversely affected by negative human interaction with the environment. The Earth has been serving us well, but we were not returning the favor. It turns out, we were not doing ourselves any favors either. Our overconsumption of cheap, single-use products has exposed us, unsuspectingly, to dangerous chemical toxins while manufacturers, simultaneously, were thumbing their noses at our gullibility. Something had to change…I was in!

I went on to work in the environmental field in various capacities. It was quite an experience because my role was to ensure all projects were fully compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I was, at once, one of the bad guys and one of the good guys.

My next challenge was found in the university classroom where I spent 10 years teaching environmental science and environmental issues and ethics. Here I found that students were not only eager to learn about current environmental issues, they were also eager find solutions and implement change.

The Fawn Organics eco-friendly marketplace was born of a long-instilled passion for pristine natural ecosystems, the role they play in our health and our long-term survival as a species, a sense of urgency, and finally the knowledge that we, as consumers, can make meaningful changes without sacrifice.