5 Reasons Why You Need Loofah Soaps in Your Shower

Want to turn your daily shower into an invigorating spa experience? Of course you do!

Loofah soaps do just that. They combine the energizing exfoliation of loofahs with the moisture-locking hydration of our glycerin-based soaps for a deep clean and calming shower experience. Not to mention, the colorful soaps and natural fragrances will enhance anyone’s shower aesthetic for the better.

These beautiful loofah-embedded soaps are a fun and relaxing addition to anyone’s self-care ritual. Let’s take a closer look at how our Fawn Organics Loofah Soaps dual as a 5-in-1 spa skincare treatment.

Energizing Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a must in everyone’s skincare regimen, particularly for those with oily skin. Dead skin cells naturally build up on the surface of our skin, creating dull-looking, dry skin. The body must shed dry, old, hardened skin cells, so new skin cells can come to the surface. Oily skin can act as a glue to dead skin cells, locking them to the surface and preventing much-needed regeneration.

Exfoliation physically scrubs away these dead skin cells to pave the way to new skin cell growth, to stimulate collagen production, to prevent clogged follicles, pores, and acne breakouts, and to allow skincare products to penetrate deeper. Loofah soaps allow you to quickly target rough patches of skin, such as those found on the knees, elbows, or callused feet, to unlock soft, smooth skin. Exfoliation with loofah soap is not only a gentle, pleasant, and invigorating sensation, but it completely revitalizes the body for new, younger-looking skin. Remove impurities from your skin and enjoy a relaxing loofah-massage that will also soothe sore muscles.

Smooth Skin & Radiant Glow

Loofah exfoliation is the building block to smoother skin and unlocking a radiant glow. Once rough, dead skin cells and surface debris are scrubbed away, your skin will immediately feel silky soft and look brighter. Refreshing and freeing, you will be resetting your skin back to its baby-smooth state.

Regular exfoliation brightens and evens your skin tone, giving your skin a radiant glow your friends and family will want to know the secret to. This ultra-dewy glow comes as a result of the regular cell-turnover and collagen stimulation from exfoliation. As a result, fresh, healthy skin cells are always at the surface, making sure your skin looks and feels its best.

Deep Hydration

Once the loofah deeply unclogs pores and smooths the surface of the skin from any rough, dry dead skin cells, other skincare products and ingredients are able to penetrate more deeply into your skin. Our moisturizing ingredients, such as honey, creamy buttermilk, and coconut oil, will deeply penetrate your skin barrier to lock in long-lasting moisture. Say goodbye to dry, crackly skin!

Stimulate Blood Circulation

Another surprising benefit loofah soaps offer is increased blood circulation. The gentle abrasion from the loofah stimulates blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin. The stimulation moves toxins around the body and flushes them out. Removing toxins and increasing blood flow helps strengthen your skin and keep your radiant glow.

Phthalate-Free Aromatherapy

Indulge in guilt-free aromatherapy that is safe for your body. Our all-natural loofah soaps steer clear of toxic additives, such as phthalates, so your body is never absorbing harmful ingredients that could affect your health. Enjoy delicious scents from Fawn Organics’ Loofah Soap collection, such as Paradise Found, Oh Sunny Day, and Dreams Come True.

What are you waiting for? Healthy, glowing skin is just a loofah soap away!

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